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Meeting basic needs, like housing and food, preoccupies many parents. You do not want clothing to be another issue in your life! Read and you will get some money-saving ideas.

Change your mental idea of what a hand-me-down or used item is. Most children are reluctant to accept hand-me-downs. This is especially true of teenagers. They are convinced that they could never be unique or stylish by wearing hand-me -downs. Make the clothing exchange fun and creative so they have a freedom to choose what they want and everyone will be encouraged to participate. The clothes of the family members that are out of use should be put in some fixed place such as a basket or a hamper. This system makes withdrawal or deposition of clothes simple. Mom's blouse can be used by her daughter or maybe and old shirt that a sibling does not want can be used as yard clothes.

Shop/buy at the correct time. You can save a lot of money when you know the best time for shopping. Watch for the best sales at your favorite retail stores, you can save a lot of cash this way. Know when sales usually occur, such as when stores are attempting to get rid of seasonal items. Also, when clothing stores close or go bankrupt, they have going out of business sales.

Keep an eye out for sale bins. Though the store may not be having a sale, it will most likely at least have bargain or clearance items. Make sure to pay attention to these baskets, because they contain items that have been in stock a while but haven't been sold as of yet. Some may have been placed on sale once or twice but are still in stock. The haphazard nature of the baskets can discourage many people, but you could be rewarded if you put in the effort to search through them. It's possible to find a great price in there.

Give extra effort. Plan a visit to some outlet stores on your schedule. Products are generally sold cheaper here than they would be in a boutique or mall because they come straight here from the manufacturer. You might have to spend more time and money to get to these stores since they are far away from your residence. For this reasons, it is clear that planning and preparation are necessary. Your family and some friends can go together as a group to save on transportation cost. Isn't conserving money the whole point of doing this?

Buying surplus is another good idea . You can buy designer clothes with some slight flaws in them at these types of stores. You might find some minor things like a missing button, but nothing that cannot be easily taken care of. These pieces of clothing still have great quality material and, not to mention, a designer label. Prices that these items are sold for is worth spending a little time, bargaining and effort for as well.

Use your creativity. You can often 'doctor up' your older or cheaper clothes to match a style that you like. You just need some inspiration and basic sewing skills. Magazines and do-it-yourself shows can give you great ideas and help motivate you to start your project.