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Do you have someone who thinks that precious metals such as your old watches, silver, etc are only about jewelry? Did you know you can actually make a killing on the stock market by trading in these metals? Astonished? Don't be. Silver (Ag) and gold (Au) are known as commodities and by trading in these metals specifically silver, you will be able to earn 3 times as much money in the futures market than any other commodity. If you prefer dealing in stocks along with shares, you invest in precious metal mining stocks plus play safe. While silver stock pricedon't offer the same leverage as the equivalent futures dealing, they do endorse a more conservative and low possibility approach to investing and becoming rich as a result of.

silver wheaton stock price and futures contracts Silver is a precious metal that has been in demand for various purposes. While cost of silver jewelry is less than associated with gold jewelry, silver tends to move faster about the futures market as compared with gold futures. Silver and gold futures spell money for those those who have00 the ability to take risks , nor get scared of losing some money with markets fluctuations. However , if you have a conservative method towards investments and making money, silver stock price today are good options.