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How To Become A Member Of Air Cabin Crew

What a career in air cabin crew offers you

Many people dream of becoming an air cabin crew member, and it’s not difficult to see why. You will get the chance to travel the world while interacting with hundreds of new people every day. No two days will be the same in your career, and the industry is always exciting. But working for an airline is competitive, so you should be able to demonstrate you have the correct personality, skills and cabin crew training to show you are dedicated to working in the field.


Although cabin crew training is essential before being offered a job, personality is key too. You will need to be a friendly, people-person, with good communication and customer service skills. The hours are often long and irregular with early mornings or late finishes, and your hours of work will be spread over 365 days of the year, possibly including public holidays, so you should be completely dedicated to your career. No matter how they are feeling, air cabin crew should be able to politely smile and be friendly to customers, even in a confrontational situation. You will also need to cope well under pressure and keep calm in emergency situations; cabin crew are responsible for the health and safety of everybody on board. You must work hard to get there, but a career as a member of an air cabin crew will take you to amazing places.


If you think you have the right personality for the job, you will need to show employers that you are enthusiastic and committed to a career in air cabin crew. Many successful air cabin crew workers achieve their positions in the industry through showing their knowledge gained on cabin crew training courses. You will receive training when you are offered a job, but with so many applicants for each vacancy, cabin crew courses allow applicants to stand out from the crowd.

Cabin crew training should give you an understanding of areas such as boarding passengers, passenger address and safety, food and selling services, and door training. A large part of the role of air cabin crew is to ensure maximum health and safety on board, so choose air cabin crew courses which cover emergency drills and safety threats including conducting a security search, mock rapid decompression (with the use of oxygen masks), mock pilot incapacitation, overwing exit drills, using evacuation slides and fire training including smoke-filled evacuations. Ensure that your cabin crew training covers all of these areas in a realistic environment; a dummy plane environment will allow you to gain the most from your cabin crew training.

Cabin crew training courses will give you an in-depth understanding which you can demonstrate during airline applications and interviews. If you have the right personality and training there is nothing holding you back from a career in the exciting aviation industry.