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What pops into your mind when you hear the words "favored by architects"? There could be a multitude of answers to this question. However, in this instance we are discussing the ever chicago fsbo roof. On the day of installation, the color is probably amber. But, as time marches on; the gleaming yellowish-brown automatically turns to a greenish shade. Day by day, like a slow motion picture show, the transformation quietly occurs.

The beauty of copper roofing is not the only factor that makes it favored by architects. This metal has the best of both worlds; it is very strong, yet it remains a very pliable material. Therefore, architects can let their imagination roam freely when they are designing a building. The roof can be configured anywhere between extremely flat to any kind of curves that a person is able to think of. This substance can conform to anything.

A properly installed copper roof will last a lifetime. It is lightweight; consequently no additional structural support of any kind is needed. Of course, it is fire resistant. Future corrosion of this valuable metal is prevented by the formation of patina, which is a greenish colored film resulting from oxidation of the surface. The required maintenance on this type of roof is almost zero; which is always good news chicago flat fee mls.

On the other hand, some people are not so excited about this particular kind of roof. It is very, very, very expensive. The average homeowner may not have allotted this much money in their building budget. Not only that; the color changes that take place are not always appreciated by everyone.