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Fotzen Fotze (or Votze) is a vulgar german term for that external, primary woman sex internal organs (vulva). The word is in comparison to ladies, occasionally used as a gross insult to men.

It was first mentioned in the seventh Century with Kilian in the following items: fotte 'cunnus' as well as fotze 'villus'. Within Older Norse, it is found like a fud, vagina (also within the compound words and phrases fuðflogi Bride refugee as well as fuðhundr like a dirty phrase, notice becket. Within Swedish is a word fitta, the actual Danish fittest, it also borrows Finnish vittu is actually. Perhaps the word the actual IE root 2. pu-, to bring very lazy 'and would make reference to in link with an agonizing smell. A more plausible connection will be the FOR EXAMPLE to the trunk area * pu (? ) -, thicker, inflated '., Which is present in different terms for the back part (eg Skt putau, buttocks', ancient Greek, g? gE, rump' and also pynnos, rump 'Latin Podex). The Middle High German born word vut relates not only to the vulva, however the rump. Within Germanic dialects?? there are also still several homonymous rhyming phrases of the web form * place (t) - (Swedish puta as well as puso, ostfränk call (s), Center Low German chicken, argot Potz, carinthian plasters, altisl puss, This particular language puss niederdt.... puse, British pussy) and also kut 2. (t) -- (niederdt. include, Dutch kut, moderate cutte the english language, English reduce, Swedish as well as cutaneous kusa)... Some of these phrases have a supplementary meaning, kiss, kiss lip area, pout '(cf. Kiss, Bussi, etc . ), which could explain the origin of the Bavarian vocabulary utilize.

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