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Points to consider Before Buying LED Lights

The internet is now one of the best places to buy low energy LED Lights. However, before you buy there are some things worth taking into consideration. Despite what everyone says, buying these Lights requires some careful consideration. It isn't difficult, but a minimum of you will steer clear of the need for needing to return your LED bulbs when the event arises. By following some easy steps not only will you choose the right LED lights every time, you will also be spending less money on your electricity bills very quickly.One thing to check when buying theshi-tech Llghts may be the fitting. Check the fitting on your existing bulb. This is in the form of a code. For example it may be GU10, MR16 or B22. LED lights have the same fittings as conventional halogen and incandescent bulbs, so by getting this right straight away you will be aware what you're searching for and what questions to ask when you need to. You are able to identify your fitting by either checking the bulb itself or using a fitting guide, which most websites now provide. Simply compare your fittings from the high definition images.

led lampen

Next you need to check wattage when you by Leds. Discover what wattage your overall bulbs are, either by checking the original packaging or, should you no more have the original packaging, by exploring the bulb itself. Light bulbs will often possess the wattage printed somewhere on their own surface. Knowing the wattage of your existing bulbs compare these with the 'equivalent wattage' which can be found either in the product specification or on the product images. An equivalent wattage simply describes the wattage of the halogen or incandescent bulb the LED lights are made to replace. For example a GU10 LED (48 Cluster) uses 2.5 watts, but its equivalent wattage is 30 watts. What this means is the bulbs is made to replace a 30 watt halogen.

The final thing to check on is the size of the bulbs. One of the greatest problems customers have is they get home and find that their completely new LEDs don't fit inside their recessed ceiling fittings. The reason being some GU10 LED Bulbs are made to slightly larger specifications to support heat sinks and drivers. Before you buy make sure you measure the size of your fittings and compare these using the sizes quoted on the website in the product specifications area.

By following these advice you should not have any trouble finding exactly which bulbs you'll need and swapping them over.