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Reading Fitness Classes

Reading boot camps Lots of women join fitness classes in Reading, Berkshire for various reasons but the most frequent one is to lose weight. Some other reasons may exist for example toning, fitness and social benefits but weight reduction is often the driving factor. A number of our clients at our weight reduction Boot camps in Caversham have enjoyed amazing brings about as little as six weeks inside the classes.

In this post we are going to look at the critical factors in how women specifically slim down and how you too can increase your fat burning efforts.

In some ways, women's fat loss could be very different from that of men. Ladies have less muscle mass than men, which means that they also have a slower metabolism. We try to increase our clients’ metabolism through intense exercise on our fitness Bootcamps in Reading. Furthermore, women have a different hormones that puts them in a disadvantage when it comes to burning fat. To address these issues and maximize your fat loss potential, it would be very helpful to take the following steps:

Reading Outdoor fitness Firstly, get some exercise regularly. Ladies that attend our exercise classes in Reading burn normally over 500 calories within a hour. This is dramatically a lot more than you would burn in many other forms of exercise. We use running drills, weight exercises and circuit exercises to ramp up the client’s metabolism and maximise the fat burning effect.

Reading fitness classes Secondly, eat enough protein. This can be something we will have to tell our female Boot campers in Reading.

Protein is important for fat loss. Despite the fact that people think that simply creating a calorie deficit is enough to lose weight, it’s not at all true in order to maximize fat loss. Protein will allow you to preserve your muscle mass and be sure that your body are certain to get the energy it needs out of your fat reserves, as opposed to breaking down your muscles. Try eating at least 0.5 - 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight every day. Additionally, there are many more advantages in boosting your protein intake. In accordance with a study published within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including more protein in your diet can reduce hunger and increase satiety. The mechanism behind this phenomenon would be to do with the fact that protein decreases the levels of appetite-stimulating hormones in the brain.

Finally, you have to include some strength training into your routine.

Anybody who attends our fitness classes in Reading will automatically be exposed to some serious resistance training usually in the form of kettle bell exercises or band exercises.

Weight lifting is the key to women's weight loss. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of women are afraid of strength training, because they think that commemorate them bulky and masculine. The truth is that as a woman it might be almost impossible to build huge muscles, through weight training. This happens because women don’t produce enough testosterone and growth hormones, which are very important hormones for building muscles. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of female bodybuilders. These women usually take steroids and other drugs to look the way they do.

If you follow the weight training we explain to you in our Reading Exercise Classes, you'll get a toned and firmer body. There isn't any reason to be afraid that you're going to end up resembling a man! By engaging in strength training while you are reducing your weight, you will be able to maintain the muscles mass and change your system composition. This means that you'll decrease your body fat percentage, lose inches off your waist and also get a cellulite-free looking body!

If you’re unsure about doing this by yourself and want the help and support of your qualified team of instructors then fall as our guest to Peak XV Fitness Bootcamps. Register at www.peakxvfitness.com/bootcamps and obtain your free week guest pass to our Reading exercise classes.