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What is Silicone Tape

Silicone tape is really a remarkable feat of chemical engineering that has resulted in an extended lasting and highly durable protective tape. Created from cured silicone rubber, silicone tape typically includes a thin layer of silicone gel to produce the product self fusing, which forms a lasting bond around whatever it is applied to. This quality has triggered several alternate names for silicone tape, including self amalgamating tape, self vulcanizing tape, and silicone gel tape. The tape forms the link when stretched and wrapped around a physical object and, depending on the specific logo and what it is used, will self fuse in minutes or perhaps a few hours.

self bonding silicone tape

Another feature of silicone tape may be the inclusion of polydimethylsiloxane inside the gel, that contains zinc oxide. This material is put into act as a UV inhibitor. Which means that the tape is resistance against ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight, which regularly plays a role in the degradation of ordinary tape. Additionally it is resistant to other environmental factors, like the results of ozone. In addition, silicone tape is designed to withstand moisture, in addition to experience of solvents, fuels, acids, and also splashing from soldering.

This tape remains flexible in cold conditions too. Moreover, some forms of silicone tape are heat resistant and flame retardant. This is achieved by formulating the composition of the tape allowing it to evenly conduct and disperse heat, yet remain non-combustible. This is obviously very desirable when utilizing silicone tape under conditions where it could encounter excessive heat or open flame.

self bonding silicone tape

As could be expected, there is an abundance of applications for your usage of this tape. As an example, adaptations of silicone tape are used within the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields where it performs many different functions. In clinical settings, it really is accustomed to adhere medical equipment for the body, for example catheters and prosthetic devices. In addition, because this tape just isn't impacted by moisture and will stick to many different surfaces, it may be reapplied. In some instances, it could be cleaned and reused when appropriate.

self fusing silicone tape

Silicone tape is extensively found in the aviation industry by the military, along with boat rigging. It is rather valuable as an electrical tape to bundle cable, in addition to weatherproof, insulate, and seal all sorts of electrical connections. This tape can also be ideal to have available for emergency repairs, including deploying it to prevent leaking pipes, repair an automobile radiator, O-ring seals, and even be the temporary fan belt. For example, silicone tape bakes an excellent accessory for a medical emergency supply kit where it can be used to make a splint or to secure dressing to a wound.