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acne on buttocks - Most people realize that acne breakouts are probably the most common skin problem people face. And many people have dealt with acne sometime in their life, usually in adolescence although many adults suffer from acne too. And while most people deal with acne breakouts on their face, it can actually affect any are with the body, including the neck, the rear and even your buttocks. And though it might sound uncommon, butt acne breakouts are a serious problem for many individuals.

Butt acne is just like facial acne or any other forms of acne, both in terms of how it forms, the embarrassment it can cause and the variety of ways it can be treated. In general, it is almost always caused by glands in the skin producing excess oil. This overproduction of oil can eventually block the follicles causing blemishes. This can be similar to what happens with facial along with other forms of acne also. In addition, aggressive growth of bacteria on that part of the body can lead to clogged follicles, resulting in the same result.

acne on butt - The existence of butt acne can actually be a sign of an even more serious acne problem so people that have severe acne elsewhere need to keep an eye out for outbreaks in this field as well. However, select whether or not the cause of the acne is actually a reaction to your laundry detergent or other products you might use when washing or drying your clothes. In some instances, this is found to be at fault, leading to an easy solution.

There is certainly definitely hope for people dealing with this sort of problem though. Because the causes of butt acne resemble other forms of acne, it only makes sense that the treatments would be similar as well. If you already have acne treatments for other forms of acne, it's worth giving those an attempt first since they will hopefully make the same results on other parts of the body.

Should this happen to be your first acne outbreak, you can start trying one of the many acne-fighting remedies open to see what works to suit your needs (this might take some experimentation since some people get spun sentences).

acne on buttock - Finally, if the legions are extremely painful or irritated, you need to bring in the help of an expert, either going right to your dermatologist or through a general practitioner first if you have to.

Whatever you do, so that as is always the case with any type of acne, try to avoid picking in the acne or squeezing the lesions. This really is known to cause acne to spread and cause scarring also. The situation is no different with butt acne.