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Teaching Resources For Maths - Providing An Educational Boost

The teaching resources for maths packs are designed for reception, key stage 1 and 2 and special educational needs children and offer easy learning and understanding of maths topics including multiplication, numeracy, number facts and money.

The classroom resources for maths packs include fun character cards which will help the child quickly and easily grasp the concept of early fractions such as halves and more involved fraction packs which contain exciting pizza, pie and cake cards divided into slices to encourage the child to start understanding the confusing world of fractions in a simple, easy to understand layout.

Also included in the range of teaching resources for maths are a fantastic collection of giant wall stickers which can be used both in the classroom and outside in the playground, providing a really fun way for children to begin understanding and learning multiplication, number bonds, number lines and place value. The giant stickers come in some fantastic childlike designs including aliens, road signs, rainbows, butterflies and footballs which will instantly capture a child’s interest and encourage fun learning.

The money packs also included in the teaching resources for maths work sets encourage a child to add up the value of two tempting looking food items such as a tasty burger and a delicious ice cream, or to decide which coins will add up to the value of the yummy looking cake as well as deducing how much change they will be left with after purchasing several grocery items.

The majority of the sets in the mathematics teaching resources range come with photocopiable worksheets which can be used in conjunction with the cards, giant stickers and other sets in the learning resources for maths collection. Although these sets have been specifically designed for schools to correspond with the current curriculum these fun and attractive packs can also be used at home to boost a child’s learning and mathematical skills and help give them a head start.

Free numeracy downloads are another form of teaching resources for maths which can be used alongside or as well as the teaching resources for maths packs, both in the classroom and at home. Interactive CDs offer a great way for a child to not only learn how to solve mathematical problems on a computer but will also encourage improved hand/eye coordination and will allow the child to use his/her own initiative whilst developing problem solving skills.

These teaching resources for maths are a really innovative and entertaining way for children to develop their learning skills and you will even find teaching resources for maths educational packs in Christmas designs ensuring plenty of fun, festive learning even when the children are starting to get excited about Santa’s impending visit. A really great way to incorporate the Christmas festivities into the learning schedule.

A good point to remember is, even at home, using every day items, you can still help your child along their mathematical journey. Whether it’s the simple task of counting out the cutlery for laying the dinner table, counting out the fruit portions for lunch boxes or even getting them to count and sort all the coloured crayons in there pencil cases. Maths really can be fun