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Author: Kelly Magee

To promote your business and services online, it is imperative to have a good business website. It is, however, only halfway to where you need to be. Your focus needs to include captivating the visitor's attention in such a way that the person revisits your website on a regular basis. How do you go about achieving this feat? There are many tactics you can employ.

Static websites do not hold the interest of either visitors or search engine sites. To prevent this you need to update your site regularly. If you are too busy to research or write new content, try simple things like reposting older, but relevant, articles, or adding new links to videos, articles, blogs, and other websites within the same area of interest. This will convince visitors that your site is updated with the latest information related to the niche.

The average surfer visits close to three dozen web pages every day. Visitors, especially first time visitors, cannot be expected to remember your website's URL link, with all the sites they visit daily. There are several ways to ensure easier site access for your visitors when they want to come back.

For instance, stay connected with visitors through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. In this way you can offer them frequent updates and links to your site, both of which serve as constant reminders and simple methods to return. So that users will be encouraged to be your followers and friends, include social media plug-ins on every page. Including "like" and "tweet" buttons, among others, will also make your site more visible to those with whom your visitors network.

You can also ensure that visitors stay connected to your website by providing an RSS feed. Allow people who come to your site the option of signing up for a newsletter subscription or site updates.

Online surfers generally move from site to site searching for information, and frequently forget to bookmark an interesting website. The only way to reach that website again is by resorting to search engines. Such flightiness is perfectly normal for Internet users, so make your website search engine friendly.

To make your pages memorable, ensure creative and inspiring titles strongly related to your content. Include keywords that are pertinent to your post in the title. Make sure your search description also contains strong keywords. If you optimize your page intelligently, a search initiated by a previous visitor should reveal your site. Even if those visitors still cannot remember your site, you will still have made your site easier to find for new people.

It is important to respect your visitors and the email addresses they provide if you wish to enjoy their trust over the long term. Don't send subscribers emails that hey did not ask for. Never spam your visitors. The subscription forms should be used wisely and not for repetitive advertisement. Instead make your email alerts and newsletters catchy enough to lure them to your site where you can put up advertisements. Emails should be precise and to the point. If your newsletters give what you promise, you will maintain a healthy subscriber list.

Think of irresistible ways to lure visitors back to your site. For instance, discounts, offers, special coupons, and promotions are ways to tempt visitors to your site. Blog owners can try using contests, printables, and free gifts to lure visitors. Blogs, social networking sites, and newsletters can be used to alert people to promotions at your site. With the right offers at frequent intervals, you will be able to enjoy a steady fan following to your pages.

The best incentive to getting people to come back to your site is to provide them with superior content. If your website can hold true to its promises, visitors are sure to return.

A site remains attractive to visitors when it is regularly updated, has plenty of promotional features, and supplies subscription offers. Without valuable content, however, all your efforts are for naught. Give your visitors a reason to return, and they will be back.