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The actual htc surroundsmart phone featuring a premium quality construction in addition to appropriate look. The unit measures four. 7 inches wide in total, extensive by second . 4 inches width and is dense by zero. 5 inch. The unit weighs all-around 5 various. 82 oz which is almost 2 ounces more than the The samsung company Focus. The product is very heavy yet we have the main advantage of developing a solid experience on hand. It is premium design can also be enhanced together with the soft feel finish within the sides.

Its understandable the rise in fat is because of the in built Phazer speakers which hides behind the display and are uncovered on pushing the screen to still left. While using kickstand towards the bottom it is possible to brace the device watching video. To switch on the SRS WOW HD as well as Dolby Mobile you need to hit the small switch at the edges of the loudspeaker. You can feel a vast difference with audio quality as soon as you turn these ON, and therefore audio quality is richer when they are IN. We don't say that requirements is likely to setback you off but definitely is better than most audio speakers that are about. We were looking forward to a better quality when using the speakerphone during calls but absolutely nothing so. Many of us don't think that the speaker is going to be some sort of selling point for your telephone.