Efforts of Seoul Hotels in Welcoming Tourists

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Seoul, a capital city of South Korea, is full of surprises, revealing a city towering skyscrapers and sleek freeways preserving a hidden treasure-trove of temples, pagodas, ancient palaces and beautiful gardens. All these places have highly influenced tourists with their charm and glory. The unlimited fun brought about in their amusement parks is incomparable. The comfort and luxury provided in Seoul hotels is excellent.

Hotels in Seoul have provided different type of accommodation to cater to the needs of tourists as per their taste and budget. These offer top class accommodation to satisfy both business and leisure tourists. They provide well decorated rooms with all modern facilities and amenities in addition to several sorts of recreational facilities such as swimming pool, spa, beauty treatments and health care centers. Thus, trying their best to satisfy tourist to their full extent. One is surely going to be astonished at the immediate attendant and good house keeping services. Beside it, their warm hospitality deserves lot of appreciation.

Hotels Seoul are easily available near to tourists' attraction for their ease and their wide network catering to the need of every type of traveler. Some of the popular places in Seoul, which are worth visiting and have led to the establishment of these hotels, are:-

o Gyeongbok-gung- it is the grandest Joseon Dynasty-era-palace and the seat of power. It was the first palace used by the Jeoson Dynasty, housing the Joseon Palace Museum and the Korean Folk Museum.

o Changdeok-gung- it is also one of the great palaces creating a dazzling and elegant effect and counted as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the part of special guided tours.

o Lotte World- it is an indoor amusement park, built inside a huge indoor stadium. Fairly tamed rides and an outdoor drop from a high place and a moderate roller coaster will keep the kids entertained. This 'adventure land', covers acres of street representing different countries, consisting of myriad of entertainments, restaurants, shops and several activities.

o Olympic park and stadium- it was built to host 1988 summer games. It is the home to Jamsil Olympic Stadium, one of the main stadiums of Seoul. Many shows are hosted here such as Michael Jackson concert and other attractions including Mongchon Fortress, Seoul Olympic Museum and World Peace gate.

o Namsan Park- Mount Namsan stands in the centre of Seoul and is very popular recreational feature in the city. a stairway and a cable car take visitors to the summit to enjoy the several attractions, comprising fountains, botanical gardens, aquarium and Seoul Tower.

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