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Tobacco goods

Import and export of tobacco items, tobacco, cigarettes, smoking mixtures

Query: Can it be achievable that my state of affairs may seem foolish for you. We travel frequently and likely to Thailand, browse concerning the nation quite a bit, but have not fulfilled any details about the import limits. No one warned as vacationer leaflet, which contained

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crucial information and facts which was presented to us with the airport, in addition to the ticket previously signing. We have been flying with small children, and so bored in the queue for the registration and passport command there was no time, memo, we found already in a very lodge in Thailand. But just before that took place is the fact that my husband purchased in duty-free cigarettes seven blocks (three and 4 for friends for myself) due to the fact we ended up informed acquaintances that in Thailand the trouble with cigarettes, which includes a duty-free. The natural way, we have been arrested in Bangkok, absent all cigarettes and pressured to pay a wonderful of extra than ? 700. Plainly, guilty on their own, ignorance, and so isn't going to ease the I surprise why from the responsibility cost-free in one hand the quantity of cigarettes offered is, if anywhere can take out a lot? Thank you.

Simple rules: The purchase of import and export of products by persons Response: Your condition is not stupid, and very perfectly known. In all countries there are limits around the import of cigarettes, alcohol, perfumes and plenty of various solutions. At export, as a rule, no limits. In the majority of international locations you don't even see the customs officials who manage the baggage. During the responsibility free retailers by yourself really should not and don't need to regulate the sale. This keep isn't a regulatory system. Of course, viewing is just too considerably to acquire, the seller may perhaps recommend, nevertheless they have no idea to which group of individuals to acquire goods. In addition, you also realize that occasionally our citizens in reaction to the Council as well as the vendor can Nakamura. I have observed these types of scenes frequently. Hence the ideal way from this data. Really don't stress. Naturally, didn't love to pay a great, and so on., but it's currently during the previous, but information remains for existence. Now you may be extensively geared up. Q: I would value it in case you talk to me ??about the subsequent query: My sister lives in Spain and may I ship as a reward a few equipment for smoking, and cigarette smoking blends like Spice Gold, Smoke, offered inside the European on the net store. Their composition is free of tobacco, and illicit substances. Their use along with the usage of legally on the territory from the EU and Russia. Weight bags that has a combination of three.5 grams, the approximate cost of the bundle of twenty five euros. Accordingly, the concern arises as to just how much smoking combination is limited to this gift? And if he falls beneath the limit of 10,000 rubles in tax-exempt customs responsibility? What usually could be tough in such cases? Beforehand, thanks to your reply.

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