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Lately, there clearly was plenty of rumour about joseph kony, who is now world famous in only few days. In the video of Invisible Young ones Inc. he was presented as a tyrant, a villain and as the most wanted person, what, indeed, is apparently true. But who is that he really? What is his personality and how was his childhood like? In this article, I would really like to show some background information about this newly-become notorious “celebrity”.

Joseph Kony came to be in 1961 in Odek, Uganda. Odek is a village, where he and his Acholi family lived. Acholis, by the way, are an ethnic group that is mostly Catholic or Protestant and sometimes, they also have the same believe because the Islam. Elements of the ancient religion remained like a familiar spirit or ancestral worship. He founded his movement LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) with only the age of 26 and he was terrorizing Uganda and their surrounding areas for nearly twenty years. In his lifetime since the head of the LRA he committed many crimes and got kim kardashian a high rank in the most wanted list of the U. S. A. Some say he is the ninth most wanted person the others say he's the most wanted criminal in the world. You will find 33 charges on Joseph Kony for the following: 12 points really are a crime to humanity. They consist of enslavery, premeditated murder enforcement to prostitution, rape, inhuman actions, mutilations and severe mentally and physically torturing. And he's got 21 points indicts for war crimes, namely the following: premeditated murder, cruel treatment of civil persons, robbery, premeditated attacks in civilians, forced recruitment of young ones and incitement to controversial new star.