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dell 1545 battery - The Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop is an excellent choice for any college student looking for a light weight laptop having a fast memory. The Inspiron 1545 is a well built laptop and does not come with a lot of pre-loaded software to bog the processor down.

Specifications include:

· An Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 Processor

· 4 GB RAM

· 250 GB Hard Drive

· 15.6 inch Screen with bright vivid technology

· Media Accelerator Graphics Card

· Windows 7 Os pre-installed

· Wireless LAN

inspiron 1545 battery - Features include:

· Single.3 mega pixel cam

· Built in stereo speakers which allow for the best sound

· 6 cell battery that provides up to four and a half hours of battery

· 3 USB ports for just about any media need

· 7 in 1 memory card reader with fast downloads

1545 laptop battery - The Inspiron 1545 also offers facial recognition software to help add protection to your laptop. The software adapts for your look so you'll never need to remember another password again. Using the 6 cell battery, the Inspiron 1545 weight is simply under six pounds which enables any university student to carry it from class to class during the day. With Windows 7 already pre-loaded about the laptop, it can begin functioning right out of the box. The Inspiron 1545 offers a fast processor for multi-tasking, that is a must for any university student. A dell laptop is among the best buys on the market and with customizable features; any college student will be able to find a laptop that fits their needs.