Disposable table runners

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Disposable Table Runners Are Great for Kids Parties

Add a touch of class to your kids birtday party, using paper, plastic or bamboo paper runners.

Paper Table Runners

One of the best ways to decorate a dining room is by using plain white table cloths, with disposable table runners and place mats. Pretty paper table runners come in different patterns and colors, They can give your dining area a homely and elegant look.

Disposable table runners and accessories allow you to add a touch of color, prestige, and elegance to your tabletop. The disposable table runners is offered in a wide variety of colors allowing you to coordinate your table cover with the event or display it will be featured in.

A disposable table runner is made from a high quality soft paper material that looks and feels like linen, but offers the convenience of a disposable product. These Linen Like paper table runners can be cut to fit any size table and will add a layer to color to any tabletop.

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