Diablo 3 Secrets review

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Diablo 3 Secrets Review

Hey there. I've looked around the Diablo 3 Guide scene, and I saw that there aren't really any real Diablo 3 Secrets Reviews out there. So I decided to quickly write up this Diablo 3 Secrets Review to help you to better understand it.

The Diablo 3 Secrets Guide is written by a man called Tony Sanders. Since we are friends I get to call him "T-Dub", but he doesn't really like it. Tony is a man who writes game guides for a living. I've read every single one of his game guides, the last of which was SWTOR Secrets, and I've gotta say, he knows what he is doing.

Now you might say that since he is my friend, I am going to say that his Diablo 3 Guide is the best. Well you're wrong. Diablo 3 Secrets is not the best Diablo 3 Guide. Diablo 3 Secrets Is one of the better Diablo 3 Strategy guides, I would place it around #2 or #3, as Natalyas Diablo 3 Guide is The best diablo 3 guide, so it gets #1.

As you will come to find out in this diablo 3 secrets review, I am always objective on my Diablo 3 Guide Reviews, and just because I know somebody personally desn't mean I'll give him a higher grade. Heck, I don't know the creator of Natalyas Guide personally, I would like to chat with him, but he keeps a low profile. I remember playing against him once on a WoW competition. Most brilliant strategyst I've ever seen. Check out His Natalyas Guide over here, and read my Natalyas Guide Review over here.

Now back to Tony. Tony is a cool guy and I like him, but his Diablo 3 Secrets Guide has a few flaws of its own which kept him well away from #1.

Read all about the flaws of the Diablo 3 Secrets Guide, and also about its good sides in this Diablo 3 Secrets Review.

Diablo 3 Secrets Review - Why you should stay away from Diablo 3 Secrets

Now when I first bought Diablo 3 Secrets I had a generally good impression. Its a good diablo 3 guide, but its far from being perfect.

One of the very first things that bothered me was the billing. I don't like it when I have to pay once instead of a monthly payment. I just don't. Its kind of a weird trait of mine, but it bothers me.

Unfortunately as you have yet to read in this Diablo 3 Secrets Review, Diablo 3 Secrets is a one time payment Diablo 3 Guide. Now this doesn't mean that it isn't a good diablo 3 guide, there are other reasons behind that.

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