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Diablo 3 Guide is here to make your experience in the game more enjoyable. These tips and strategies will make you a better and more successful gamer. Have you always wondered why some people are so much further ahead than the rest when it comes to achievements, gear and gold in game ? The truth is simple ? they simply know more about the game and exploit that to obtain what they desire.

With our diablo 3 guide you will have all the information needed to get anything you want in game. These simple to follow tips and strategies are easy to understand and you wont have to spend days searching for information you won’t find anywhere else to begin with.

After reading our strategies you will have a much better understanding of the game, the auction house and how it works, the items in the game and which ones are the right for your class, and of course the best builds for your characters.

Diablo 3 Guide also focuses on the hardcore mode of the game. To put it simple ? you will never die unless your internet connection stops. We are giving you the best strategies on how to beat the game in hardcore mode without dieing even once! You will be one of the few having those hard achievements in your account.

Struggeling to get enough gold and barely paying for your repair bills? Diablo 3 Guide will take care of that too. Written by people who dominated the auction house in every game they played, you will have access to tips and information very few others have. In no time following our steps you will be able to become rich from spending few minutes every day in the auction house.

Get the best gear following our step by step farming walkthrough. Farm the monsters on Inferno difficulty with ease, fast and efficient. Improve your item collection rate by 800% with our specially designed farming paths and strategies to obtain the most items possible in short period of time. All you need is right here in front of your eyes hurry up and buy it!