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PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, has been widely mis sold in the UK over the last decade and more. Many policies were 'sneaked' into loans and borrowings, often by giving the impression that refusing the PPI policy would increase repayments or interest. Some customers were completely unaware that they had been sold a Payment Protection Insurance policy. Others were sold PPI policies which were worthless; the client would have been unable to claim if the need ever arose.

In April 2011 the banks lost their case in the courts and were ordered to repay all mis sold PPI policies, plus interest. This has led to millions of refund claims and has cost the banks billions of pounds. The claims continue to pour in as more and more victims of mis selling come forward.

Claiming back mis sold PPI premiums is quite straightforward and needs no special representation but many claimants are opting to use specialist PPI claims companies which specialise in this type of recovery. One reason is that lenders often try to settle for a lower refund when the client is owed far more, so claimants believe that using a claims company will gat them the maximum refund they are entitled to.

Another reason is the amount of paperwork and the number of telephone calls which may be involved in claiming. PPI claims specialists handle all this and so the claimant can leave all the hassle to the company.

In return, many PPI claims companies charge around 25% + VAT (which comes from the refund, once received) for their service. One company which specialises in PPI refund claims is Premier Claims Plus who have built a reputation for speed and efficiency with the service. Additionally, they charge only 15% + VAT for their work, which has made them even more popular.

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