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You will find an excellent number of air conditioning repair options that are pretty straight forward and easy to do for the average handyman or handywoman, nonetheless you can find also some harmful aspects to air conditioning repair that should be well understood just before starting any repair project. The first and most obvious safety concerns with regards to air conditioning repair is that this is an electrical appliance, and as such needs to be completely disconnected from the electrical outlet before beginning on the repair. Simply turning the unit manage into the off position is not all that's needed, rather the unit wants to be completely unplugged or the wiring disconnected towards the power source. This really is especially crucial when operating within the method or around the fan location of the air conditioning unit

Yet another fairly apparent component to air conditioning repair that is a safety problems is specific to the window and wall mounted units. These units could be extremely heavy for their small size and generally are awkward and tough to physically handle for one individual. If throughout the repair you have to eliminate the air conditioner from its mounting be sure to have at least one other individual to assist using the project. This could be much more challenging with heavy window mount units which will call for a person on the inside too as someone on the outside of the house to effectively move the unit without damaging the window frame or resulting in some type of physical injury.

In some circumstances where the conventional or forced air cooling systems are employed the installation may possibly have been completed improperly as well as the vent lines from the air conditioner may possibly have been incorrectly hooked to the sewage lines or the plumbing vents. In these scenarios the program can develop up dangerous levels of bacteria inside the damp, moist conditions created in the lines plus sewer gases can also back up through the air conditioner developing severe wellness concerns. If any foul smell or odor is noticed within the air conditioning system or inside the air when it's on, don't attempt the air conditioning repair oneself, rather call in an professional that can safely right the problem.

Newer air conditioning units use other coolants which are safer than Freon, however even Freon itself is not dangerous in tiny amounts unless there is an open flame present. In the event you believe that the air conditioner is leaking coolant or if you smell any "odd" smells inside the room or air following completing some type of air conditioning repair the best choice would be to turn the unit off and immediately get in touch with a trained and certified technician. Because Freon is odorless it's most likely not the problem, nevertheless there could be some other problem which is causing the noticeable smell. Make certain all furnaces, stoves or any other kind of flame is totally out inside the residence or area until the unit may be checked and repaired.