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Perhaps one of the best professions to assume while playing World of Warcraft Cataclysm is to be a Jewel mundo manualidades. If you spend effort and time on your tasks, you will surely generate more gold. Because of this, you can get your game higher and go against elite players.

When you have adequate gold, you will have the ability to buy better armors and weapons. More than just gears, having enough gold also allow you to use the flying mounts. With this, you won't need to run to get from one zone to another.

As a Jewel manualidades, you should know that the most important factor to your success is the material you will need to complete your craft. The past two installments of this video game enabled crafters to rely on bars. In fact, gems also fell of from nodes making their lives more convenient.

This time around, however, things are set to be more challenging. For this expansion, you will need to buy ore which is your cheapest source of a base material for gems. If you want to make things easier, you can choose mining as your other profession so that you can just go around the different zones and mine your ore.

So what can you do with these gems? First things first, you should know that the different gems can bring different amounts of income. Uncommon gems for instance, can be sold at Auction Houses even if they are raw or uncut. Rare gems, on the other hand, need to be cut before they are sold. Another difference is that you can craft uncommon gems into so called lower level jewels while you can craft rare gems into higher level jewels.

To make gems more valuable, make them diverse. If your other job is alchemy, you will have access to other materials that can help in transmuting uncommon gems to special one called meta gems. If you are a Tailor, you will have the ability to disenchant low level jewel to enchanting mats.