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When people begin to develop a Personal training Business they only want to get personal training clients... nothing fancy. Just clients... ones that pay preferably so specialising in a particular area doesn't cross their minds marketing systems for personal trainers.

Should you choose any other read up on marketing (which I recommend you do) you'll hear that you must specialise and "If you try to appeal to everyone, you'll appeal to no one" such sayings have truth but are not very helpful to you when you're getting started so I will make an effort to expand in it to offer it more meaning in your marketing

Once you generalise (try to attract everyone) you:

Don't have any real focus in your personal trainer marketing programs, your materials are a little woolly and don't address a specific program that the potential clientele has

You won't know the place to start together with your marketing yourself as a personal trainer in the event that you help anybody who wants to tone up and shed weight, where can you go? But if you help bodybuilders making use of their 16 week contest preparation, or office workers with lower back pain, or first time half marathon runners making use of their 12 week training, or new mums with fat reduction. You can find out where they congregate online and offline, write your marketing based on them and make it specialist