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As we only had the opportunity to spend time having a pre-production version of the camera, we have been unable to share any images taken using the D3200, and we have also been unable to examine any images shot at 100% on a computer screen.

However, initial impressions of the camera's performance are fantastic, and we think this camera will probably appeal to novice shooters, while containing a few features that enthusiasts may also appreciate.

Autofocus acquisition was quick inside the majority of cases during our time with all the camera, even in low light situations.

Nikon D3200

In aspects of low contrast, or very low light, the autofocus did struggle a little, but overall i was impressed by its performance and you will be keen to put this through its paces further whenever we get a full production sample set for review.

It's worth considering that autofocus is slower when using Live View, which may frustrate some shooters that are used to the quick speeds of compact cameras.

Shooting with all the auto white balance setting, your camera seemed to do a good job of measuring the scene to produce accurate results. Noise when shooting at high sensitivities also appeared to be low. It's worth remembering however that these conclusions come from quickly examining images about the rear LCD and we'll of course be keen to place it to further inspection.

Nikon D3200

By introducing more pixels to the sensor, there comes a larger risk of increased noise. Nikon says that noise levels remain roughly exactly like on the 14.3 pixel D3100, however in certain rare conditions, the performance is slightly worse. Again, it is really an area we will be keen to set through rigorous tests at a later date.

Nikon D3200 - We were unable to evaluate the editing and retouch options on the pre-production sample we had been using, but the features including promising. The option to straighten horizons we could see being particularly appealing to users, as well as the in-camera cropping. We'd have liked to possess seen the ability to add ratings from the inside the camera, making it easier to determine what images to ditch and which to help keep, but perhaps this is something Nikon could consider for future models.