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Polar lounge nyc can be a hot little nightclub with filled with style, sophistication and luxury. Inside this beautiful space, guests can loosen off amid the lush modern décor that utilizes monochromatic black and white with pops of color to visually stimulate you while you party through the night at Polar Lounge NYC. Polar Lounge NYC has comfortably plush booths, couches and “VIP caves” allowing you and your friends to sit back and relax however you like at Polar Lounge NYC or to get down on the party area to hit music from DJs like Fame Cohen and Josh Z. Open Mic Night at Polar Lounge NYC

Polar Lounge NYC on Wednesdays and Thursdays hosts a wide open Mic Night from 6-8pm where emerging singers and bands may come and showcase their talent. Polar Lounge NYC supplies a $5 cover charge (minimum one drink order) on Open Mic Night, so that you won’t have to pay an arm along with a leg to enjoy the music activity, drinks and atmosphere of Polar Lounge NYC. Throw a celebration at Polar lounge nyc

The Polar Lounge NYC is a great place to host a birthday party, social function or corporate event whether you need to reserve one of the club’s private “VIP caves” or book the complete space for a huge event. Polar Lounge NYC can be booked easily by phone, online or in person to plan your next event. Luxurious Drinks at Polar Lounge NYC

gallery bar new york - Polar Lounge NYC has a large selection of only the best cocktails and drinks available for example Johnny Walker, Grey Goose, Cristal and Dom Perignon. Here you can expect the best service, atmosphere and music in every of NYC. Let the Polar Lounge NYC become the perfect spot for a night of music, drinks and fun!