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diablo 3 strategy guide - An exclusive behind the scenes overview of the best Diablo 3 Guide to date! 'Sup people?! I have some of the hottest info right here on my laptop, ready to blow your mind. You better sit down, grab a coke and get ready, because this is some exciting stuff. Let me just quickly outline what we're doing today: One of the best of the best, the man who is in the top 5 World Of Warcraft gamers in the World, who has written the voted best 2011 WoW Guide, who sends me a free game cards every month out of respect, and who is my personal friend and RPG rival ... just sent me a rough draft of his new crazy diablo 3 guide - the Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Guide!

He says he wants me to proof read it, grade it and send it back, but you can be sure as hell that's not the only thing I'm doing. Oh hell no. Because you guys were so super cool to follow me on Twitter, I took some time today to read the Inferno Codex Guide, and I am going to present to you a FULL *Exclusive*, never before seen, did I mention exclusive? look into this one heck of a Diablo 3 Strategy Guide. Are you ready? Its going to blow your face off: The Inferno Codex best diablo 3 strategy guide - How good is it really? As you already know, I was just asked today to review the first ever rough draft of the Inferno Codex. Now, this is not the first diablo 3 guide I was asked to review, I have to be honest. I get on average 2 emails per week from different guide makers, asking me to review and correct their diablo 3 leveling guide. Of course, I can't accept all of them, since a good 89% just looks to get some good quotes from a professional, while its just another rehashed piece of junk. But for this one, I had to oblige, because I really respect my boy who wrote it, as a gamer. He is probably one of the few people who could face me head on and keep their cool for a full 15 minutes. Let me tell you, this is pretty damn impressive. Now, I gave Diablo 3 Inferno Codex a chance because his other game guide - the one about WoW was voted the best WoW guide of 2011. He asked me to review it too, and I did. I remember clearly how the next time I played I put some of his tactics to the test, and the results were amazing. So he knows what he is doing.

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