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For ordinary men, with a goal to be in the very same ring with the eight division globe champion Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and actually fight him is actually a tall order. But Bradley isn't an ordinary man. He has set his goals on fighting a person of Pacquiao's caliber years before. Pacquiao vs Bradley

"Like I said, I need to fight all the ideal fighters in the globe pound for pound. Whether it is Manny Pacquiao or Marquez, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Amir Khan. Whoever!" Bradley was quoted as saying prior to.

At 28 years old, Bradley is undefeated and currently holds the WBO Light Welterweight title. He is regarded as the preferred 140-pound fighter at the globe and, true to his statement, has worked his strategy to earn the appropriate to fight Pacquiao. While considered a legitimate threat to Pacquiao, a few would note, very arguably, that he is not exceptionally quickly with his hands. Pacquiao's age meanwhile has not slowed down the punch at his age of 3

Bradley will have3tothree fight inside that ring making use of his head. That is, he would need to have his thinking cap on all for the duration of the bout. He admits the Filipino champion is strong, has a great punch and is in remarkable condition. So for this fight to a minimum of go the stretch with out Bradley becoming knocked out, he has to bank on his ring IQ. Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Stream

His last 2 bouts were with southpaws, Casamayor and Alexander. He left the ring in each instances victorious and maintaining his 0 loss card. With the opposite stance of the 2 fighters, issues have been raised about Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley's tendency to lead with the head.

Michael Koncz, a Pacquiao adviser, fears the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight may possibly uncover messy at the ring with a right-hander such as Bradley and also a lefty Pacquiao. "My only problem is he comes in with his head and if you have a left-hander against a correct-hander head butts occur much more," Koncz explains in the course of the latter component of negotiations for the game.

Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, although voicing the same issue, thinks he has this covered. "I believe he will come forward with his head initially and so forth, nonetheless I feel I have that covered with Manny," he said confidently. Pacquiao vs Bradley Live

For Bradley to maintain the Pacman at bay, he would need to take Manny's impressive punches away from him. Some observers feel that Pacquiao's fight against Juan Manuel Marquez is actually a template for neutralizing Pacman. A devastating left from the southpaw Pacquiao can be prevented by stepping in the opposite direction and put Pacquiao seeking a far better position to land a punch.