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Bathroom Renovation, Vanities, Toilets and Accessories

Bathroom vanities

Bathroom renovations can be a daunting task therefore it may be very expensive. The majority are taking on the DIY way of save money. The best way to cut costs is to go to clearance outlets that can sell quality bathroom Vanities, Toilets, and accessories since they sell in volume inside their prices are cheap. Sydney siders are spoilt for choice with regards to boutique bathroom renovation shops, however the prices aren’t great. You will want to Drive a little further (as much as 30 mins everywhere in Sydney) to TFO (Tile Factory Outlet) positioned in Smithfield. There you will find many discontinued and overstocked models many the same as what you see in the upmarket stores. By this small drive you can save thousands. They stock brand name tiles, toilets, vanities (although for trading reasons brands can’t show up on vanities) and bathroom accessory sets. So whether you determine to DIY or contact the experts. Save money and are available down to TFO at 107 warren road (Cumberland Hwy) Smithfield.

bathroom vanities sydney