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After you come to our shop you will be invited into a casual atmosphere with fresh food, astounding Vietnamese dishes, and terrific Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho). We use the freshestingredients and our Vietnamese chefs know how you can prepare Vietnamese dishes appropriately so it tastes great. We have been serving Corona’s very best Vietnames food for over 8 years and we appreciate our consumers Norco Vietnamese restaurant.

Some of our Finest Pho and Vietnamese dishes have already been produced to satisfy your tastes whether or not it truly is the our Another favorite roll could be the Geisha roll that is definitely light and lovely with pink wrapper. There are actually over 30 rolls we are able to make and if you have a particular order, we are going to make it for you personally. Sushi and our specialty sushi rolls are our specialty best Vietnamese restaurant Norco.

If you are a true Vietnamese Food connoisseur that loves to have a fresh bowl of Pho with Basil, Chiles and Lime or straightforward would appreciate to have some of our freshly ready chinese style Dishes. . You are going to surely appreciate this selection of the ideal Vietnamese Dishes in Corona. We also possess a full menu with excellent appetizers and standard Dishes Vietnamese food Riverside county.

2650 Hamner Avenue, Norco, CA 92860-1924(951) 736-0101 ?