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What Toxic Chemicals Are Found in Tobacco smoke?

here There might be as many as 4000 different chemicals in cigarettes. So far it has been determined that at least 50 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer.

Probably the most commonly mentioned substances are nicotine, tar and deadly carbon monoxide. Nicotine is definitely an insecticide. Tar is definitely an oily substance used to pave driveways and roofs. Deadly carbon monoxide is an odorless gas found in auto exhaust. However, These may NOT be probably the most dangerous chemicals included in the cigarettes.

Toxic Chemicals

Here is a random list of some of the other toxic ingredients in cigarettes:

Ammonia: used in dry cleaning fluid and toilet cleaner Acetone: used as a solvent in nail polish removers Benzine: used as a solvent in gasoline Cadmium: a heavy metal used in batteries Formaldehyde: used in embalming fluid Hexamine: utilized in barbeque lighting fluid Hydrogen Cyanide: a component of the poison used in gas chambers Mercury Napthalene: used in moth balls Phenol: a disinfectant Strontium Styrene: a plastic Toluene: industrial solvent Zinc Tobaccos companies add various chemicals and flavorings to cigarettes to enhance the flavour and to result in the tobacco burn smoother and longer. It is also known that some of the chemicals increase the craving for and addiction to cigarette smoking. Smokers are exposed to a lot more chemicals compared to what they realize. The Effect of Smoke

To make matter worse, smoke is even more dangerous. The American Surgeon General found over 50 cancer causing chemicals which are found in tobacco smoke. The unfortunate result is that other people or members of the family can develop health issues without ever smoking a cigarette!