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Resolve Your Neck and back Pain with Osteopaths, Physiotherapy and Chiropractor in Benfleet Essex Have you been trying out those over the counter pain relief pills and the ones creams that promised to relieve you of your osteo-arthritis, back pain or neck pain? Chances are that you have not been able to find out any substantial improvements. The whole world of medicine and health has always been perplexed owing to diverse opinions plus a plethora of treatments. People often attempt to treat back and neck pain or another joint or muscle pains with pills and lotions however that these forms of medication hardly have the ability to address the problem which in turn causes the pain in the first place. Having suffered for quite some time with back pain and neck pain because of arthritis I have tried a number of different solutions. I first saw a Benfleet physio, afterwards I tried a Benfleet chiropractor last but not least an osteopath in Benfleet. Although these folks were all able to provide treatment, if you really want to resolve your neck and back pain or your osteo-arthritis then what you need is a veteran osteopath in benfleet. Now, in case you are not aware of what the difference is between an osteopath, chiropractor or physio is at Benfleet then this small brief would help you to learn more. A registered osteopath is a practitioner of osteopathy. Osteopathy is usually mixed up with physiotherapy however they are not the same. Physiotherapy focuses on the specific problem, neck and back pain for instances, and uses back exercises to deal with the pain. A chiropractor alternatively would cater to resolve neck and back pain over multiple chiropractor manipulation sessions. Osteopaths delves deeper in to the causes of the pain than the usual physio or a chiropractor while offering a holistic approach. Osteopathy wouldn't normally treat just your osteo-arthritis, back pain, neck pain or only provide you with back pain relief exercises without attention to your posture, spine, and other areas which have a musculoskeletal experience of the area in question. An Osteopath in Benfleet would typically determine the quantity of sessions dependent on the specific condition, the medical history, the nature and concentration of the pain. An osteopath in Benfleet would often make amendments to one’s life style. An osteopath may also advice certain specific work related or leisure activities. Osteopaths treat using manual therapy, manipulation, stretching, massage, acupuncture, back exercises and treatment exercise. Pain relief pills, creams and emollients are not treatments for arthritis pain, back pain or neck pain as well as the only way you can relieve yourself of these troubles is to get in contact with an osteopath. It was only an Osteopath in Benfleet who had been able to give me quick and permanent pain relief. If you be a resident of Benfleet, Hadleigh, Thundersley, Leigh or Canvey Island then Clarks Benfleet Osteopaths and Complementary Healthcare can be a nice solution. They also cater to Basildon, Rayleigh and Essex areas. Their address is 378 London Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1AX