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Have you noticed of which Leprechauns are self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure? Well that may end up being folk law but which is true when looking when it reaches this fantastic game from Barcrest.

Why is it fast becoming one of the most played games in britain? Well, the answer my friend is pretty simple. Rainbow Riches is brimming with Irish charm. Yes the little fellow reeks of it. But be careful, leprechauns traditionally mistrust Humans considering the crooks to be foolish, flighty and greedy.

Did you know that this little fellow, a shoe maker simply by trade, is often drunk, normally caused by an excessive amount consumption of his home-brew. However he never becomes so drunk that she forgets his mission with life. On this person you might always find two pouches - one boasts a silver coin and one boasts a gold coin, the silver coin is usually to bribe his way away from trouble and normally spins to ashes after he's got long gone. But, the G=gold coin might be worth a fortune and it is really worth having.

Anyway back to the particular lovely game. Barcrest have really hit on a winning formula this time period, and there is without a doubt that it's probably just about the most popular games in the uk. You can find it up and down the country in bars, clubs and casinos. But the best, most profitable place to play it truly is online. It's a real charmer, mainly due to the three fantastic bonus models. First there are the particular wishing wells - pick one and you should multiply your game risk. Next there are your pots of gold - The miscroscopic fellow dances a jolly jig while gold, silver and bronze pots circulate around him. Finally there is the trail to Riches Run - spin the wheel and try to have the bloke up to the top of the road to reach your big jackpot.

So come on why not give it a go. But don't be a foolish human and turn into tricked by the little fellow into just proceeding anywhere. Go to, for top deals, best information and best rainbow resource online.