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In this modern world of information technology, the world has no doubt become a 'Global village'. In the past decade, there have been overwhelming changes associated with our daily lives. Whether its work, schooling or business, we can see how things have evolved over time. This is all evident due to the embedment of IT in our lives. As a consequence, the business sector changed.

Today, marketing is the most powerful mode of achieving success among fierce competition. Everyone is trying to get every pinch of profit they can get, and companies these days spend a considerable amount of their profits on marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) marketing are the new tools adopted by leading organization to get success. The more people know about you, the more customers you'll get.

Due to the advent of IT, the concepts of SEO and SMM marketing help your business get more popular among the masses. Long gone are the days when people used to print brochures and circulate them among the general public. Today is the day of technology, people are super busy in their work and personal lives. In this digital world, we like to have everything on the go, whether it's on laptops, tablets or smart phones, and this is where E-marketing helps you connect with the people and your business.

In this respect, designing the right website for your business is critical for your success. Ever wondered that even though you have a good website, still you are unable to get enough traffic on it? Well, the solution of this problem lies in the SEO. SEO and SMM marketing helps your website detected easily on Google or any other major search engine. As a result, whenever someone searches you, your website will be shown on the first page, thus attracting traffic towards your site. This gives you a leading edge in competing in the global market. Also with the help of SMM, your website becomes popular among the social networks, like Facebook and twitter.

These days social networks are excellent means to get in touch with the world. SMM helps you in getting popular on social networks and encourages people to share them among their friends and family.

Another E-marketing tool is designing mobile websites. Smart phones have gained significant popularity among people. Smart phones are now used in everything now. Whether you want to order online pizza or you want to have your grocery delivered at your home, smart phones are phones with great uses. Designing websites that are light, easily legible, suited to the size of mobile screens and from where content can be easily downloaded, are the features of mobile websites. This enables the business organization to get known among the people all over the world by being much more accessible.

No doubt, an efficient and effective SEO and SMM marketing is essential for a thriving business in this age; reaching people across the globe, opens new horizons and potential earnings too.

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