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megan fox nudejust may be the sexiest woman in Hollywood. I'm not just saying this because she's got an outstanding body or amazing looks. I believe that she has an attractive "vibe" about her as well. Let's compare her to Angelina Jolie...

Angelina Jolie takes herself way too seriously! I've pointed this out to many of my female friends plus they tell me that "I'm afraid of a powerful woman". This is not true at all. Men just like a woman with a good positive vibe about her. Angelina doesn't have that cheerful aura about her. Megan seems like she would be described as a lot more fun to hang out with.

Age really doesn't always have anything regarding it. Megan is in her early 20's and Angelina is in her early 30's. It is a 10 year age big difference, but it is not why men tend to be more attracted to Fox. There is certainly something to be said in regards to the positive energy of youth, but even though Angelina was younger she appeared to just take herself too seriously. wankaegoMore than anything she must smile a bit more. So you've done something very wrong. It keeps gnawing away at you. You keep burying it deeper. You rationalize why you did what you did nonetheless it keeps poking away. It wakes you up in the exact middle of a deep sleep. It invades your peace of mind. You receive mad every time you think about it. You blame the circumstances of those who "made" you do it.

In the course of time you go out of ways to ensure it is ok. It tackles one to the bed. You pull up the sheets since the anger turns to depression. You start to wonder if a drink or perhaps a pill will make it just go away plus it does... however for just how long? amber rose nakedhe bottle doesn't be seemingly deep enough and before long you're further down the wrong path. It all seems to be slipping down the hill quickly.

You arrive at the realization that life is similar to a game title of shoots and ladders. One minute you're climbing to the top and discovering the best of who you might be and the next minute your dropping by way of a trap door and plunging into the abyss. The thing that was the tripping point? Where did it result from? Was it an abrupt event or was it like a cobra laying low in the grass for hours just waiting to pounce?