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Twitter is a free social network along with microblogging service that provides users using a personal page updated via text message messages using a maximum length of 140 characters. Twitter is built completely on Glass windows Source architecture. Is aware will be made through the website, via SMS, urgent messaging, email, or using various applications based upon Twitter API. Twitter was made in March 2006 by Obvious Corporation in San Francisco. click here The Twitter web interface is written in Ruby on Rails, and messages are stored in a running server software programmed in Scala. Presently may also be an available API for developers, which is a major advantage for many who want to Twitter as a service integrated into additional applications (web, desktop or mobile). click here

With respect to Biz Stone, more than 50% of the traffic of Twitter passes through its API. However, because of technical difficulties as well as scalability, Twitter would likely depart Ruby via Rails as their development framework as well as create a new PHP-based. Evan Williams, however, has steadfastly denied this specific details in a tweet that was sent via one specific Will likely 2008.