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Sydney, NSW - The much talked about Joe Local Trade Directory will later this month look to launch the first of its Carpet Cleaning Tier 1 Homepages. It is recommended that Carpet Cleaners who are in need of a more reliable online advertising campaign sign up immediately. Keywords relevant to carpet cleaning such as " carpet cleaning guildford ", "Steam Cleaning Sydney" and " carpet cleaning kingswood " are expected to be up for grabs. For consumers, as a direct result of this announcement they will expect a more concise search experience when they log onto Google. "Ever logged onto Google and had to go to the 5th or 6th page result before you could find anything relevant?" said Rob Shannon, creative director and spiritual inspiration of Joe Local "well we have, and really we’re quite sick of it. That’s why Joe Local is such an exciting prospect, finally we’re delivering on the promise made by search engines all those years ago." "The future of a select few Carpet Cleaning companies in Sydney will be rosey as a result of this announcement. They should expect in some cases for their businesses to double". At present Joe Local areas around Sydney for Carpet Cleaning search terms are up for grabs. But as Rob Shannon was quick to point out, it won’t last forever "New, exciting, revolutionary. That’s the only way I can describe it. Get in quick" To qualify for this listing, Carpet Cleaners must prove that they can perform adequate cleaning standards suitable for residential and commercial cleaning situations, as well as having proper insurances including public liability and workers compensation. For more information please contact Joe Local directly on 1300 868 604. Excerpt taken from