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World of Warcraft Paladin Guide---Everything You Need to Know! Paladins are one of the most exciting class in the World of Warcraft game. They are the Guardians of the Holy Light, with exceptional defensive abilities and a wide array of group boosting skills, making paladins a huge asset to every group. It requires a World of Warcraft Paladin Guide to fully maximize the class' full potential. Paladins are both a combination of a spell caster and melee fighter. Paladins are basically a defensive class. This class are able adept to many weapons, as they can wield huge two-handed weapons. They have the ability to train on several different weapons and choose whatever they want, such as a two handed sword, mace, or shield. They can also destroy the undead and the demons, stun their enemies, and hit them with holy vengeance. Since they are a defensive class, Paladins must focus on using items and weapons that will increase their defense and stamina. The Paladin class wears the heaviest armors, but they do get too dependent on their armor for defense. One bad thing about the Paladins is that they do not have any ranged capabilities, except for in impending wounded opponents from escaping. Paladins are one of the most important assets in a group. They bolster their allies with their holy auras and blessings to protect them from harm and damage and at the same time boost their powers. The World of Warcraft Paladin Guide lists the following strengths and weaknesses of Paladins: Strengths: Can heal allies Give auras and blessings Formidable in battle: High in defenses and strong healing abilities Summons the Warhorse Mount Weaknesses: Learning auras and blessings take time Too mana dependent Mastering the healing abilities take time Limited ability to draw attack Everything you know about Paladins spells, skills and activities: Spells Paladins are secondary spell casters, and can cast spells called 'Seals'. Seals last only about two minutes, which enable you to cause more damage, prevent enemies from escaping or generate more mana. Paladins are mana dependent, because most of their abilities rely on mana such as spell casting. Auras and Blessings Auras provide buffs to groups which can reach up to forty yards. Blessings on the other hand are like auras, but are applied to allies and characters. Blessings last for around ten minutes, and you have the ability to increase attack power and regenerate mana. Professions Here are the best profession combinations for the Paladin class: Herbalism and Alchemy � Save mana by using potions to heal instead Engineering and Mining � Make own grenades and other items to increase one's attack range Mining and Blacksmithing � Make own armors instead of buying or gaining them from quests Indeed, the World of Warcraft's Paladin class is among the best and most versatile class. You can be a tank, healer or DPS and prosper at any of them. Hope this World of Warcraft Paladin guide will give light especially to the new players and know the various tips and shortcuts for faster leveling and faster gold. Happy gaming! For more information check out Zygor Guides Wow Tips