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Heavy Duty Temporary Road Matting

If you are conducting construction work either on a road way or in a rural area and have heavy plant machinery and large vehicles on site, you will need a good quality form of ground protective matting in order to ensure there are no damages to the grounds or your vehicles. Tufftrak is the new heavy duty roadmat designed to provide road ways for large vehicles and work areas for heavy plant machinery. The 40mm thick matting can take over 140 tonnes in weight and unlike most other road mats can be placed in areas of high theft risk, due to its high density substance. Tufftrak is created with a high density, 100% recyclable polyethylene and is more or less indestructible, making it an ideal platform for large machines and vehicles and also a useful tool for outdoor events.

The exclusive matting is also designed with an ultra grip and dispels any mud whilst construction vehicles transverse. This anti- slipping design is a great feature, as often in rural, muddy locations vehicles can be very difficult to manoeuvre due to the large amount of mud. Surprisingly enough the Tufftrak matting is also reasonably light, meaning you can easily move it to the next required area on your site. On soft grounds where often large amounts of damage can be left, the matting will offer a highly efficient weight disposal, meaning after the works are finished the chances of any damages being left are extremely low. The reverse side of the matting can also be used for pedestrians at outdoor events, ideal for protecting the grounds and stopping any mud from travelling into your home.

Tufftrak protective mats can be connected in a variety of ways depending on what is most convenient for your site. These include easy fitting bolts, connective plates or straps. Without the use of any protective matting on either a construction site or at an outdoor event, vehicles can often become trapped or leave a substantial amount of damage to the grounds. Therefore, it’s worthwhile investing in some temporary protective matting such as Tufftrak.

Unlike other forms of protective matting, Tufftrak will not conduct electricity and is chemically inert, meaning it’s extremely beneficial for construction sites working with power lines and is resistant to a wide range of chemical and acid substances. Many forms of wooden matting will also increase in weight when they become wet. Tufftrak can be stored in wet areas for long periods of time without the risk of degradation and its durable substance with gripping feature make the mats easy to transport whatever the weather.

Choosing Tufftrak for your outdoor event or construction site can also provide excellent value for money, as the mats are easy to transport, light weight and even cheaper than steel protective matting. The high quality, durable matting is also easy to fit and remove, enabling you more time to spend on the more important aspects of your project. Tufftrak is already being commonly used by mining and energy companies, as it has proven to be an excellent tool for accessing remote and sensitive environments.

Tufftrak is the first UK designed and EU made non-aluminium road matting. It is fast becoming the most popular form of temporary protective matting due to its speed of use and value for money. To protect the environment and your vehicles and machinery, choose Tufftrak. Contact your local ground protection firm to order yours today.