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Affordable Weight-Loss Surgery Options in India

Not long ago i came across the Medical Tourism website MedTravelNews and discovered facts about affordable weight loss options in India. And I have made my decision I'm seeking affordable weight loss surgery in India especially the services of Girishwari Hospital in Chennai.

Because We have spent a great deal of personal amount of time in India I have made a professional relationship and also have a lot of faith in Dr. Saravanan at Girishwari Hospital in Chennai. Dr. Saravanan is really a highly skilled surgeon having performed over 15,000 general surgeries and 12,000 laparoscopic surgeries, the type of bariatric surgery I will be considering because it is less invasive.

What brought me until now is having spent the majority of my adult life being extremely overwieght. Currently more than double my acceptable weight according to the BMI tables.

In researching the fee for affordable weight loss surgery in India When i first started to check out my options at home. And I was surprised to find out our wonderful universal health care does not cover this procedure and thus I am could be forced to pay for it from my own pocket and that will set me back between $20,000 - $60,000 with regards to the surgeon and associated expenses. I could opt for a banding procedure and pay slightly less, nevertheless the research I have done and friends I've spoken with whom have had this procedure all agree I ought to go for the gastric bypass because they feel they wasted their money on banding and never received the permanent and significant weight-loss they were hoping for.

My understanding is with laparoscopic weight loss surgery, the surgeon makes 5 or 6 small incisions which are just big enough to give surgical instruments through. Smaller incisions mean less healing time, so that you could leave the hospital in as soon as A couple of days or less.

As well as other medical instruments, the incisions are employed to insert a special camera. The surgical camera will project within my body onto a screen, after which Dr. Saravanan will use that image to do the surgery. Your procedure involves the refashioning from the stomach into a small pouch and bypasses an element of the small intestine. This generates a feeling of fullness using a small meal and in addition reduces absorption and so the weight should begin to burn off my obese body. Thoroughly tested over the years, I believe this be my best and many affordable option for wls.

The procedure is irreversible and therefore I have to evaluate this risk versus the benefits I will receive in the the form of increased health, decreased health risks along with the restoration of my self-esteem. And apparently I will experience rapid weight loss in the first 3 - 6 months after which gradual weight loss for the following 12 - Eighteen months post surgery where I can expect to lose just as much as 75% of my excess fat. Check out this and much more articles on MedTravelNews and sign up for your inquiry about Affordable weight loss surgery in India.