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Hair that has never been processed in any way is referred to as virgin hair. Single drawn and double drawn are two phrases that may be used with both Remy and virgin hair. In the case of single drawn hair, the hair is basically as it came from the donor, it will have varying lengths however it should still have the cuticles all going in one direction. Double drawn hair is hair that has been matched with similar lengths of hair all from the same donor. It is more expensive than single drawn. Fallen hair will not generally have the cuticles lined up and may mat and tangle very easily. It is less expensive and is often treated with silicon and may be difficult to distinguish for the novice shopper. When running a few pieces of hair carefully through the fingers there should be no roughness, although determining whether the smoothness is from being matched or from silicon may be difficult. Hair that has been chemically treated through color or permanents may also be treated with silicon which disguises the damage. Depending upon the price of the hair and how the purchaser wishes to wear and care for the hair may help to determine what type of hair is chosen. By choosing the best quality of human hair extensions which closely resembles your own natural color and texture the wearer will have the best results. Attachment methods vary and may influence which type works best. Long hair extensions may be sewn into wefts which will provide the most secure attachment method for the weight of the hair. Bonding and micro rings are two other methods for applying real hair extensions which work well for most hair lengths, although some shedding may occur.