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This story is not only about my old house norway The Best Ghost Stories Everbut about my brothers old apartment. I am an extremely religious person when I experience something I understand its real. My old house was previously a classic dump also it was my mothers childhood home. From the we used to go there every Christmas. This is before we moved in.

Every pet that died there was buried there. It absolutely was a true pet cemetery. When my family moved in everything seemed normal. It wasn't until I got a pet cat that things started happening. The entities, I believe these were demons, made themselves known first to my cat. However go crazy and run around the whole house as if he was chasing something meowing in a strange way.

Some nights when my mom went to the casino, at the time it had been only my mom, sister and my buddy, would stay. Sometimes me and my sister will be alone and my mom would stay out really late with my grandparents. I might be viewing television with the lights out and my sister would be in the other room. My cat would jump on the arm of the settee above my head and stay there thrashing his tail and staring at something. He would then jump down and run. It startled me. I knew at that moment we weren't alone in the place.

My sister had experiences; one time she was chasing someone in the Poltergeist Stories, she thought it absolutely was me but I was in the backyard. Also one night she was in my room sitting on to the floor watching tv. My brother was asleep on the bed next to her. She heard something behind her like some one stepping on the carpet, she said it appeared as if me, then it ran, but I was in the family room viewing television the whole time.

My experiences were frightening also. One night I was in bed and I woke from my sleep I felt someone grab my shoulder and shake me. It finally stopped and I looked behind me no one was there. I grabbed my sleeping cat from the top bunk and ran. My bunk bed, almost every night, would shake. Sometimes it would be my cat grooming himself however it happened when he was sleeping with me.

The story of my brothers old apartment is equally as frightening Famous Ghost Pictures It absolutely was Edgewater Bend Apartments in Biloxi by the mall. I would stay the night time and hear footsteps on the family area floor where me and his girlfriends kid was sleeping. I also, some nights, would feel something having fun with my hair. They moved out, thank god.

The one thing about these places was I felt something inside them, something evil. I am aware there have been not merely ghosts but demonic spirits. That's my true stories, feel free to leave a comment.