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How Can Using A Search Engine Optimisation Company Help Your Business?

Choosing whether to employ a company that specialises in SEO can be a very complex and confusing decision. You can consider using an established company if you have a great understanding of SEO and how it works but just do not have the time to devote to your campaign. Perhaps you have a good understanding but due to large competition in your industry you need someone to take it to the next level. However, you could be like the majority of business owners in the UK and just not have a clue what SEO is, how it works and how you can use it to its full potential.

So what is SEO?

The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimisation. A search engine is a complex and baffling thing to precisely describe, but quite simply it searches all the information on the web and by picking out certain words and phrases, it indexes all the information. When you input a phrase or something you want to search about into a search engine, it will trawl through all its indexed documents and return a list of the most appropriate files for you.

What search engines are there?

There are many search engines in existence but the most well-known and popular ones are Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing. Google is so popular that the name Google has become a verb in most people’s vocabulary. To google something or the phrase google it have made this company part of everyday language like Hoover or Tannoy. Yahoo is a much more diverse search engine that also has a games centre and horoscopes. Ask is preferred by some users due to its easy to read functionality and relevant results. Bing is a Microsoft creation and offers suggestions and search results in an attempt to differentiate from other search engines.

Why is SEO important for businesses?

People get bored and frustrated looking on the internet. A lot of people give up before they find what they need. Over 50% of people do not go past the first page of search engine results before leaving. However the amount of traffic a search engine can generate for a business is huge. So getting your business on the first page of search engines can be an important part of your business marketing plan.

How can you get on the first page of a search engine?

This is the million dollar question. Some search engines use algorithms which are partly transparent and partly cloaked in mystery.

Some ways you can get a better SERP (search engine results page) are meta tags, keywords, site structure, crosslinking, inbound links, backlinks, HTML associated coding, 301 redirects and nofollow links. This is just a small selection and can be time consuming even for the most SEO aware person. If you have limited knowledge, you may be scratching your head already in despair just reading that list.

How to grasp SEO techniques

There are many books and courses you can read or use to gain plenty of SEO information. However with the search engines changing their methods a lot, some of these books can be out of date the minute they come into print.

So should you use a search engine optimisation company?

Using a company is not as expensive as you think. You can see a short term result but a search engine optimisation company will also produce long term results. If you are going to invest time and money in your marketing, you cannot go wrong employing a specialised company to handle your internet marketing effectively.