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Businesses around the world are catching up on the fever of Internet marketing or e-marketing to reach their potential customers and thereby increase their customer base. They are adopting several strategies of online marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Affiliate Marketing, Referral Marketing and email marketing. Their marketing efforts contribute substantially to their monthly expenses. One more marketing strategy is proving its worth for a number of industries both online and offline is the use of royalty free music in your webpages. The biggest advantage of this strategy over many other marketing techniques is that it is extremely affordable as you pay for it only once and use it several number of times streaming.

Using a piece of music in your website, especially on your home page has become a trend in the modern online world. For those who are not familiar with it, all it means is to add background music to one or more webpage/s in your website. The result of doing so is that as soon as the user opens the web page the music starts off. Although, this phenomenon has been in use for a few years, its popularity and benefits have only been realized now. Many websites have proven that the use of royalty free music holds the viewers for longer periods.

Whenever you go to a restaurant, shopping mall, or travel by a luxury train, some background music keeps piping. This adds fun to your eating, shopping and travelling experience. Similarly, the purpose of royalty free music embedded in webpages is to keep the viewers entertained and glued to the website as long as possible. However, users must note few important considerations essential for using background music in your website. A substantial number of Internet users do not appreciate the abrupt start of music as soon as they open a webpage. A better idea is to let them decide if they wish to hear it or not. This is possible by giving them an option to turn it on/off as per their preference. This is especially important for people who access your website from office or library, where they would not want to create disturbance all of a sudden and invite ire of others. Many home users also do not prefer to hear loud music on websites radio.

Another concern is the purpose of your website, the type of information, products and services you are offer, and your targeted audiences. If your website is all about entertainment and fun then royalty free music embedded in your website will make a lot of value addition to it. Equally important is to choose the music carefully so that it is in rhythm with your website and offerings too. Not to mention, the music should be of high quality and exciting enough to provoke the interest of visitors such that they enjoy listening to it rather than just hear it off. You can choose from rap, piano, pop, jazz, corporate etc.