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It's pertinent to note that in both types of investment, namely house and land investment, liquidity could be a problem, at least initially. But in the long run, it is obvious that both forms of investment yield profits. While experts believe that land is just a low risk investment in comparison with all others, house investment has more advantages in comparison with land investment. Firstly, the amount of money you'll want to deposit to obtain a mortgage loan for house investment is far less than land investment. In other words, deposit is more when it is land than if it is house, making it possible for individuals to invest in homes. lokaty bankowe

They're valid questions. But, they do indicate the kind of conventional, first world approach to investment that is not willing to engage with Africa's realities and, consequently , will not be able to capitalise on the continent's potential for excellent returns.
Where should one consider purchasing farmland? The EU, Latin America and Australia are all investable locations, and have consistently achieved returns of between 10% and 20% over income and growth with respect to the location of the farm and the structure of the investment.