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Many families live miles from each other and are constantly exploring creating a website methods to keep communication flowing between all members of a family. Many have turned to social media in order to keep communication open with family members but individuals could possibly get lost in the an incredible number of other users utilizing the same social media marketing website. One good way to personalize the communication and keep it open among all members of a family is to develop a website dedicated to sharing and communicating with family. This document will not cover the technical aspects of how to make a website but alternatively the structural aspects which is crucial when designing, create a website.

One technique that may be effective in sharing communication, images, and videos is by using a blog or forum. This type of website works similarly to social media marketing but since it is a personal website you can find no other individuals or families utilizing the same website. Blogs enable an individual author or authors to create content to the weblog in text, picture, or video format. Other family members can leave comments on the weblog for others to see but typically can not post content of the own. Using a forum will give all users the opportunity to publish content to the how to create a websitein any format. Permission to create is granted by users signing up as members of the forum that the administrators of the website will approve or disapprove appropriately.