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Choose A Hardwood Conservatory As Your Next Investment

If you’re looking for a simple extension onto your house that will provide you with warmth and additional light, a conservatory seems to be the perfect solution. It will provide you with extra space in your home but in addition to this, a conservatory can be a great place to escape when you want to read a book, relax, or just watch nature.

The conventional white UPVC conservatory is both thermally efficient and low maintenance, due to its ability to withstand even the toughest weather.

But have you considered investing in a hardwood conservatory?

Whilst they may not be the conventional thing to picture when you think of conservatories, hardwood conservatories are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an attractive and interesting alternative to the conventional white UPVC that we are all so familiar with. A hardwood conservatory has all of the benefits (and more) of a regular white UPVC conservatory, but with a different and more natural look.

Hardwood conservatories originate from the Victorian period when it was a regular occurrence to use them for the purpose of growing seeds and plants that were brought into this country from warmer climates. Obviously nowadays, we would use a greenhouse for this purpose, but hardwood conservatories have stayed in fashion. This may be due to a number of reasons but a contributing factor is that a hardwood conservatory is both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. This is thanks to the fact that they are made from the natural material, timber. Unlike UPVC, timber is eco-friendly and much greener as it is renewable, meaning that it is much less damaging to our environment.

From an aesthetic perspective, a white UPVC conservatory can often look a bit out of place when it’s compared to its surroundings. Whereas, it is arguable that a hardwood conservatory looks better outside as there are plenty of colours in a garden that match the hardwood’s natural shade. A hardwood conservatory can almost blend into the background because of this, providing your garden with a more natural look.

Another benefit of investing in a hardwood conservatory is that, in comparison to UPVC, hardwood can actually help to increase the level of light that you would be getting. This is because wooden frames can afford to be much thinner, meaning that there is consequently more space for glass and less chance of blocking out the light.

With the option to choose from various styles such as traditional or contemporary designs, you can turn your conservatory into a room that will truly suit you and your home. For instance, you could make your conservatory an extremely modern room, you could opt for an Edwardian or Georgian look, or you could take your conservatory back to its roots by furnishing it with a Victorian theme.

By investing in a hardwood conservatory, you are also allowing yourself to have the chance of a greater choice of colour and finish. Unlike UPVC, hardwood can easily be painted or varnished and this provides you with the flexibility to change the style of your conservatory if you decide you want to redecorate it and give it a new look.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, investing in a hardwood conservatory can also be beneficial to you practically as, by combining the wood with double glazed windows, you can produce a conservatory that offers a classic style, but that is also thermally efficient for you and your family.