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Who could remember everyone’s phone number? Even if you managed to write your family and friend’s contact information down your phonebook or save them on your cell phone or PDA, you will still eventually have to search for numbers or other information that you haven’t jotted down before. This is when directory sites like 411 lookup come in handy. 411 is a directory for phone numbers. It is a website where you can look for businesses or people through a list of phone numbers, or the other way around.

411 lookup can work in several different ways. It may be used for finding a person. When finding a person, say Jess Smith, whose address you also happen to know, you can type in Jess Smith and type in the location box Georgia, and the system will show you all the possible matches to your query. The location box is not always required so you may leave it blank. If you have an idea of the location, though, try entering that location first so the search result will not be that long a list.

This kind of lookup is beneficial if there is someone you know from the past that you want to try and get in touch with. You can do so provided you know his or her full name.

But what if the only information you have about a person is his phone number? You don’t know his first name or his home address or anything but his phone number. Will you be out of hope in knowing whose number it is that you have?

411 also has a feature called reverse lookup. If you only have someone’s phone number, then you can actually enter that phone number and you will get some important information about that person in a click of your mouse. Depending on what that person registered under his number, you may have information about his name, city state and zip code of location, and possibly even a map on how to get there. So much for privacy, right?

What is the practical side of this? If someone keeps on calling you but is not answering when you pick up, and his only trail mark is his phone number, then you may know who he is and where he is exactly located. With this information that you may get through the reverse lookup, you may now go to that person or press charges and put an end to his harassment.

If you want to ascertain your search results, you may do an advanced search and simply enter your first name, last name, street, city, province or territory, or postal code.

If you only have the complete address of the person, though, then you may also use that to search a phone number. It has to have a complete address, though, with a street name, with or without a civic number, city, province or territory, or a postal code. In this kind of search, you do not need to include your apartment number, if any.

There are many other ways on how to do a 411 lookup. Visit this system online and explore them more for yourself.

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