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Making Legislation

It seems the fact that there may be a answer emerging in the stand-off between Lammas residents and Pembrokeshire County Council Building Control department. 155 nguyen chi thanh can ho an binh can ho quan 5

Following much perform from both tips, on Monday 23rd January at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court the Council agreed that Paul and Hoppi Wimbush (of plot 6) were now completely compliant along with Building Regulations and all charges against them were dropped. eco village duc hoa 3 resco

Schedules of works for the other two plots with legal charges against them (Simon Dale and Jasmine Saville of plot 7, Katy Taggart and Leander Wolstenholme of plot 2) have been agreed and should really residents adhere to the timescales (aiming for resolution of all outstanding issues by May 2012) then the Council has indicated that charges against these a couple families will also be dropped. era town khu do thi giang dien

It was recognised in Court by the Council that the Lammas project is revolutionary new floor and that special consideration was required in how Building Regulations were applied to low-impact development given the use of raw organic materials and innovative options being adopted by such projects. an lac residence lotus garden hoang anh gia lai quan 9 quoc nam

The Massive Discussion

Lammas members and representatives met on Sunday 15th January to think about, discuss and debate the organisation's future strategy regarding supporting the emergence of an ecovillage network in West Wales.

For the most part the day was concerned with the question 'What is the most robust model for an ecovillage, in terms of supplying extended term protection along with empowerment of the residents?'

People were in agreement that a model which often empowered residents in acting as 'stewards of the land' and retained a 'guardian of the project' was helpful.

The current product currently normally takes the form of owners having a 999year leasehold and Lammas preserving the freehold. ten mien dang ky ten mien ten mien dep dang ky ten mien

There are many problems still to think about and there will be a follow-up cortège shortly. sua dien thoai