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Because mixed martial arts mma fitness are grounded on so many forms of martial arts, there's absolutely no method of avoiding the ethics that go with each of these martial art forms for true MMA fitness.

Each martial art form promotes a philosophy of self-improvement that is linked with technical skill. The ethics (in some types of martial arts it really is spirituality) are an important part of mma fitness training.

Here we will examine ethics associated with two martial art forms: The traditional karate philosophy or Dojo-Kun, and Taekwando ethics.

In Karate, a five point ethical guide is followed for mma personal trainerand behavior, sometimes called the "Student Creed" and recited before and after every training session. The five point guide is:

Not totally all the traditional karate schools recite the above. Some simply post it on the wall, or others create their particular creed. You may want to understand what the core values are of the karate school or teacher that you're training under.