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Перейти к: навигация, поиск whellams tatuaggi] Polynesian tattoos are most likely those who stand for the origins associated with tattooing today. Its name itself derives from the Hawaiian tattoo Tautau that meant beating, branding target. Not like when you might visualize, in Polynesia, tattoo images had the distinction of sex or even better as opposed to women does score the actual corpo. Alguna characteristic of Polynesian tatuaggi] will be the one gonna draw anywhere in the body and not just at specific things. What it means was relevant both to the demonstration of belonging to a certain group 'or family but also for typically the sake of attractiveness and social condition. The particular decorative motifs have been often in connection with natural surroundings such as crops and animals in general and the traits were being using stylized geometric figures that could represent these kinds of bodies or sharp teeth of your special squalo. Mais reproduce even displays of life, for example dealing with in which experienced taken element, human sacrifices, symbols regarding triumphs. Typically the tattooers were experts who exhibited a variety of00 directory to select from, typically the drawings were imprinted on stone supplements or maybe legno. Gli specialists enjoyed positive aspects esteem inside local human population. For girls, the particular disegni tatuaggi] intended especially across the legs and arms. The instruments for your incision from the skin ended up taken from characteristics, through sharpened teeth from the combs ended up created in typically the bone to tag the warning, that has been then colored with a mix off soot along with water.